Lynda Roy is a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle influencer whose vivid storytelling connects and moves audiences to love and accept themselves, enjoy the benefits of eating whole plant foods, and create emotional peace.


LYNDA ROY, Plant Based Life Coach

  • KSPR ABC-TV News “Cooking With Lynda" Healthy Cooking Series,

  • Certified Nutrition & Cooking Instructor

  • Emotional Eating Expert


Lynda Roy

Lynda is a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle & Emotional Eating Expert. Her engaging appearances on "Cooking With Lynda” KSPR ABC-TV News series have inspired many.

Do you want to eat a plant-based diet but feel out of control with your eating?

Do you soothe stress by stuffing down feelings with food?

Are you sick and tired of carrying around excess fat? Want to play with the kids rather than just sit and watch?

Need guidance to overcome the obstacles that cause you to fall off the wagon and beat yourself up about it?

It's time to get centered and take care of you first, before venturing out to take care of others. Life does not have to feel so heavy.

Hey, I'm Lynda Marie Roy, your Fairy Godmother to feeling lighter in body, mind, and spirit.

I'm obsessed with the power of prayer, meditation, whole plant foods, healthy lifestyle choices, and the magic of mindset skills to help us feel lighter and make our dreams come true.

For much of my life, I struggled with emotional eating, keeping excess weight off, acne, constipation, and hormone issues causing irregular cycles and years of infertility.

When my dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, I spent two years researching in medical libraries to find the cure.

I discovered that the immune system is capable of destroying cancerous cells and is the closest thing we have to a cure.

Surprisingly, the top nutrition studies show that nutrient-dense whole plant foods enhance the immune system and decrease the risk of cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

My friend passed on before she could benefit from this knowledge, but I continued my research and training for the next 18 years.

Adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle and mindset skills helped me lose 40 pounds, clear my acne, improve digestion, balance hormones, and collect an effective emotional eating toolbox.

I became a Certified Physicians Committee Nutrition and Cooking Instructor, and created a Meal Template for weight loss, improved health, and easily meet top dietary recommendations.

As a Whole Food Plant Based Expert, I've touched countless lives through engaging appearances on “Cooking with Lynda” KSPR-ABC-TV News series.

Using vivid imagery, I move my audience toward emotional peace by loving and accepting themselves, while enjoying the benefits of whole plant-based food.

Aside from public speaking, I share my vast knowledge through my online courses and private coaching, accessible worldwide, to create healthier, happier, and lighter lives.

I've lovingly encouraged my husband and two sons in their plant-based journeys and taught them to cook delicious and satisfying meals. Their health and exercise recovery times improved and they continue to be strong, healthy and happy.

Client Testimonials

“Lynda has a brilliant and passionate way of creating pictures in my mind’s eye of how I can see my relationship with food in a different, inspirational light. I absolutely love her approach to our connection with God and nature within ourselves.”

— -Mitsue Mikawa, Japan
I appreciated the way Lynda delivered her holistic program; always with light and love, calmness in her presence, and laughter in her voice. Her program nourished my entire self — my mind, body, and spirit.
— - Lillian Barker, Canada


"Return To Garden Of Eden":

A busy life can leave us stressed, drained, and choosing unhealthy foods. In this talk, Lynda covers three keys to vibrant eating; God first; love infused cooking, and the power of whole plant based foods. With her passion for healing power of God’s love and nutrition, she inspires audiences to metaphorically Return To The Garden Of Eden.

"Pot-Luck’s That Heal":

Are you noticing an increasing number of prayer requests for those suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes type 2, or high blood pressure? In this talk, we will come together in prayer and action by encouraging our Christian communities to serve pot-luck meals of God given foods that our boost immune systems and reduce the risk of the chronic diseases that we are praying for healing from.

"Orange Is The New Pink":

A “Cancer Survivor” is someone still alive, “5 years after diagnosis”, even if they're riddled with cancer. Our "pink ribbons" don't seem to be protecting us, but "Orange" foods, contain beta carotene and fiber, reduce the risk of breast cancer by 19%.. Whole plant-based foods boost the immune system and can help to prevent or destroy damaged and mutated cells, before they multiply and spread as cancer. Well-meaning doctors and loved ones encourage patients to accept the harsh and destructive treatments of chemo, radiation and surgeries, which may destroy our cancer cells, but weaken or destroy the body's healing mechanisms. To empower healing, let's think "Orange"!



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